CARE Surrogacy USA Program

Beginning a new chapter or taking a journey down a different path can open you up to new adventures.

Here at CARE Surrogacy in San Diego, you can depend on our team for support through the entire process of becoming parents. Our goal is to provide you with a strong foundation — and assist you with everything from legal assistance to medical, financial, and emotional support.

Program Highlights

Who qualifies for the USA program? The program is available to all intended parents on their journey to parenthood.

What fertility clinic is used? It is entirely up to you. Our program works with many reputable clinics throughout the USA, however we will work with the clinic of your choice if you have already partnered with a trusted IVF clinic in the US.

Who will be our surrogate mother? Our USA program offers American Gestational Carriers.

What does the USA program cost? General program expense is between $105,000 to $140,000 USD.

Step by Step — CARE USA Program

STEP 1 | Initial Consultation
By scheduling a consultation with one of our experienced CARE coordinators, you can ask questions, discuss program options, and determine the best path to creating your family. This free initial consultation (via SKYPE or in person) lasts an average of two hours. During this consultation, our priority is to learn more about you, your story, and what you are looking for in a gestational carrier. We will discuss the detailed process of matching with a gestational carrier, the legal process, insurance matters, the escrow company, financial implications, and basic medical information.
STEP 2 | Complete and Sign Documents
Should you decide to officially pursue your journey to parenthood with CARE, you will need to review and sign agency documents. Documents include Authorization of Appointment, Retainer, Cost Sheet, and other pertinent documents. You will also need to submit a copy of passport(s).
STEP 3 | Complete IP Profile
At this stage, you will need to complete the database registration, fill out future parent application, and create parent profile to help us and your gestational carrier learn more about you and your story.
STEP 4 | Choice of Clinic
Here you will provide their decision regarding which fertility clinic you choose to work with for the IVF process. We work with many clinics across the United States and can offer guidance in selecting one if you have not established a relationship with a fertility center. The IVF and embryo transfer will be managed and completed at the IVF clinic. IVF consists of Cycle Synchronization, In-Cycle Monitoring, Hormonal Therapy, Egg Retrieval, Fertilization, and the Embryo Transfer. **If needed, an egg donor/sperm donor is selected. Prior to engaging in the actual process of IVF, all parties (you, the donors, and/or your gestational carrier) will complete medical screening as directed by the reproductive endocrinologist facilitating the process.
STEP 5 | Choosing a Gestational Carrier
During this phase, you will begin to review profiles of our surrogates. Our team takes the time to build a relationship with each gestational carrier. We assess her level of commitment and create a profile that will establish trust between each party involved. The timing of the surrogate matching process is dependent on the desired state and special criteria needed for your situation. (Please note. Our gestational carriers are carefully recruited and screened, guaranteeing you the most qualified and committed women for your journey. Each surrogate undergoes a screening process involving a thorough criminal background checks)
STEP 6 | Meet Your Gestational Carrier
After choosing a gestational carrier, your journey coordinator will send your profile (we do not disclose personal information) and photos to the surrogate for review. If the surrogate agrees, your coordinator will schedule a conference call via Skype. At this meeting, both parties will be able to address any questions or concerns, become comfortable with one another, and discuss any other important issues to gain clarity for the journey ahead. Once we find the right match, we will move forward to the next step of your journey.
STEP 7 | Match Confirmed
If both parties have agreed that this is the perfect match, the surrogate’s medical records, match sheet, and surrogate profile are sent to the IVF clinic for review and approval. The medical record review process can take up to a month and sometimes longer depending on the fertility clinic you are working with.
STEP 8 | IVF Clinic Approval
After we receive the IVF clinic’s approval regarding the medical records review, the clinic will reach the surrogate to set up the medical screening. Prior to the medical screening, the following must happen (in this order):
  1. Trust Management agreement must be signed.
  2. Funds for the medical screening must be sent.
  3. Psychological screenings for both the IP(s) and the Gestational Carrier must be completed.
STEP 9 | Medical Clearance
Once we receive medical clearance, the following must happen:
  • The next installment of funds will be required to proceed with legal phase.
  • Agency retainer and signed cost sheet are due.
STEP 10 | Draft Agreements
During this phase, all information will be sent to the attorneys involved. To ensure clarity and legal stability, we assist intended parents with legal counsel to represent them and draft all agreements. The gestational carrier is also represented by their own independent attorney. The legal process can take anywhere between 2 to 6 weeks dependent upon changes.
STEP 11 | Legal Clearance
After we are given legal clearance, the following must happen:
  • The third installment of funds are due.
  • Medication protocol — the surrogate will begin the injectable medication protocol. Injectable medications cannot begin prior to legal clearance.
STEP 12 | Embryo Transfer
The process of in vitro fertilization (IVF) and the embryo transfer are managed and completed at the IVF clinic under the leadership of a licensed reproductive endocrinologist. You can expect about a 3-week time frame from the start of injectable medications to the embryo transfer. Always direct medical questions to the IVF clinic.
STEP 13 | Pregnancy Confirmation
Approximately 5 to 6 weeks after the embryo transfer, your surrogate will undergo an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy.
  • Once the fetal heartbeat is confirmed, the fourth installment will be due.
STEP 14 | Term Pregnancy
Between 10-15 weeks of gestation, your surrogate begins to see her own OBGYN. The surrogate will sign the HIPAA Release Form giving permission for you (the IP) to speak directly with the doctor’s office. Term pregnancy is 37 to 41 weeks.
STEP 15 | Pre-Birth Order
At 12 weeks, the attorney will begin the PBO process for you and the surrogate. (This takes anywhere from 6 to 7 months to complete. If there are any delays in your ability to complete the required paperwork, it can delay you achieving parental rights.)
STEP 16 | Doctor Appointments
Our team will continue to manage your progress, including relaying medical updates to you for your gestational carrier — and providing pregnancy updates. Your surrogate will not only inform us, but will also give you updates regarding each OB appointment. Monthly check-in reports will be sent to you.
STEP 17 | Birth of Baby
Our team will assist you in making all required arrangements for the birth of your baby. The hospital will require the judgments prior to your surrogate giving birth.
STEP 18 | Acquire Birth Certificate
Before you bring home your precious newborn, you will need to acquire the baby’s birth certificate and other required legal documents. It takes anywhere from 7 business days to 8 weeks to obtain the birth certificate.
STEP 19 | Apply for Passport
Once you have the birth certificate, baby’s medical clearance, and your baby has been added to the flight itinerary, you can then apply for the passport. (Please note that you may be required to obtain a Visa as well depending on the country.)
STEP 20 | Bring Baby Home
We saved the best for last… the moment that make your heart race for the best things in life — your new family. It’s now time for your new chapter to begin at home.


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