Legal Protection on the Path to Parenthood

Legal Services Offered

By choosing the leading surrogacy agency in California, our expert CARE Surrogacy team will help guide you through all the legalities of surrogacy — step by step.

Your CARE journey to becoming parents is blanketed with security and trustworthiness. Intended parents may choose to be represented by their own counsel or choose an option based on our legal recommendations.

Legal Guidance to Protect You

Upon request, the CARE surrogacy program in San Diego, will introduce you to the most experienced and professional legal advisors to ensure that you always have independent council protecting you and your family’s interests.

Your gestational carrier is also represented by top legal counsel. This ensures that all parties abide by the correct surrogacy laws and procedures of the applicable jurisdiction so that you may bring your child home without any arising issues.


WE LOVE to create families - families made of love, respect and equality.

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