CARE Mexico Legal Services

We passionately recognize that building a family can be one of life’s most difficult challenges. Fear can have a detrimental impact on the limited financial options that surround you.

With CARE Mexico Legal Services, we offer you counseling, advisory, and concierge services — in helping you take the appropriate steps regarding the legal implications of each unique surrogacy agreement. With our expert legal guidance, we want to see you achieve the family of your dreams.

Changes to the Law

As of January 14, 2016 — all surrogacy arrangements in Mexico must comply with specific requirements, including the approval from the “Secretaría de salud del estado” (Health Regulations Department of the State.)

Service Highlights

Who qualifies for CARE Mexico Legal Services? The program is available to everyone — including Singles, Married Heterosexual Couples, and Same-Sex Couples (*on a trial basis—see step 2 below).

What fertility clinic is used? If you have not established a relationship with a fertility clinic in Mexico before this stage, we will introduce you to the top IVF center in Puerto Vallarta, where the IVF and embryo transfer will be managed and completed.

Who will be our surrogate mother? Our Mexico program offers local Gestational Carriers.

What does the CARE Mexico Legal Services cost? General program expense — $45,000 to $55,000 USD.

Step by Step — CARE Mexico Legal Services

STEP 1 | Initial Consultation
By scheduling a consultation with our experienced CARE Mexico legal team, you can ask questions, discuss trial options, and determine the best path to creating your family. This free initial consultation (via SKYPE or in person) lasts an average of two hours. During this consultation, our priority is to learn more about you and your journey thus far.
STEP 2 | Complete and Sign Documents; Begin Legal Phase
Should you decide to officially pursue your journey to parenthood with CARE, you will need to review and sign agency documents. You will also need to submit a copy of passport(s).
STEP 3 | Complete IP Profile
At this stage, you will need to complete the intended parent questionnaire to help us create your profile. Initial Payment (Phase 1) for the Trial must be sent.
STEP 4 | Start Trial to Obtain Authorization
Our legal team will start the trial process to obtain authorization from the authority to proceed with your surrogacy procedure — and grant the registration of the baby. Once the trial is completed and a positive ruling is achieved, the Final payment (Phase 1) for the Trial must be made. (Please note: The trial can take anywhere from 3 to more than 6 months.)
STEP 5 | Choice of IVF Clinic
If you have not established a relationship with a fertility clinic in Mexico before this stage, we will introduce you to the LIV Fertility Center in Puerto Vallarta, where the IVF and embryo transfer will be managed and completed. The IVF consists of Cycle Synchronization, In-Cycle Monitoring, Hormonal Therapy, Egg Retrieval, Fertilization, and the Embryo Transfer. Prior to engaging in the actual process of IVF, all parties (you, the donors, and/or your gestational carrier) will complete a thorough medical screening. **If needed, an egg donor/sperm donor is selected.
STEP 6 | Gestational Carrier Evaluation
Our team will begin the evaluation of your gestational carrier. Evaluation requirements include: Medical Screening, Psychological Evaluation, and Home Assessment.  Phase 2 payment is due.
STEP 7 | Prepare Surrogacy Agreements
Our legal team will prepare the surrogacy agreements between you and your gestational carrier. Phase 3 payment is due.
STEP 8 | Complete and Sign Contracts
To ensure clarity and legal stability, our goal is to assist you in understanding each legal document. Once you have reviewed the documents and signed them, Phase 4 payment is due.
STEP 9 | Medical Process
The process of in vitro fertilization (IVF) and embryo transfer are managed and completed at the IVF clinic. You can expect about a 3-week time frame from the start of injectable medications to the embryo transfer.  Once the fetal heartbeat is confirmed, Phase 5 payment is due.
STEP 10 | Term Pregnancy
Term pregnancy is 37 to 41 weeks. Our team will continue to manage all matters involved with the process, including continuing medical treatment for the gestational carrier — and provide pregnancy updates. Phase 6 payment is due.
STEP 11 | Delivery of Baby
We can now begin the final steps of your CARE journey. Our team will assist you in making all required travel arrangements for the birth of your baby.
STEP 12 | Bringing Home Baby
Before you bring home your precious newborn, you will need to acquire the baby’s birth certificate and other required legal documents. (Please note: For Mexican Citizens, this process can take up to 10 business days. For Intl’ Clients, please discuss the time-table with your journey coordinator.)


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