Egg Donor Requirements

CARE Surrogacy in Nuevo Vallarta Mexico works with intended parents, gestational carriers, and egg donors each and every day. As the top egg donation program in Mexico, our multi-disciplinary, team-oriented approach gives our egg donors the highest level of support and compassion.

We are honored that you have chosen the leading egg donor program in Nuevo Vallarta Mexico to give another individual or couple — the gift of life.

To become an egg donor for CARE, our donors must meet the following requirements?

Potential CARE egg donors are:

  • Between 21-30 years of age
  • Have regular monthly periods
  • No reproductive disorders or abnormalities
  • Physically and emotionally healthy
  • BMI under 29 (BMI calculator)
  • Non-Nicotine user, Non-smoker, Non-drug user
  • Not currently on Depo-Provera

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