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What we do here at CARE Surrogacy in Nuevo Vallarta Mexico is making a difference in lives across the globe. And our successful CARE stories are changing the way individuals view parenthood via surrogacy.

At the leading surrogacy agency in Nuevo Vallarta, our goal is to inspire ANYONE who is on their family building journey — just as much as we are inspired to do what we do every day. We’re proud to say our vision has never been stronger.

Your Story is Our Story

Read the CARE stories below and be inspired by the many journeys unfolding here at CARE. Feel free to share these stories with your family and friends, too. You can also watch the unforgettable video journeys as our intended parents share their experiences from around the world.

Have a story you want to share? To help all of our future CARE clients, we would love for you to give us and others insight on your family building journey. Share Your Story.

Be Inspired by CARE Stories


WE LOVE to create families - families made of love, respect and equality.

I would definitely recommend CARE Surrogacy. Our journey has been close to 100% perfect, and hopefully one day we will do it all over again…

Lucas (Australia)

Watch Video Journey of Lucas

Everyone is deeply invested in the successful outcome of your procedure, very caring and compassionate. You will always be greeted with a hug, a friendly smile, a concerned question as to your well-being.


15The adjectives I throw around are professionalism, courteous, responsive…

David & Ann (USA)

Thanks so much – what an amazing day we had yesterday. We are so happy and excited to have him in our lives!! He has been a true bundle of joy 🙂 Thanks so much to you and the CARE team for blessing us with this miracle.

Mike (USA)

It’s wonderful to come and start my journey and relax at the same time…

Mike (USA)

20From start to finish it’s been a tremendous experience. Everything was organized for us every step of the way…

Chris (USA)

16It gave so much comfort meeting the team in person…

Rocky & John (USA)

19I can tell you that people who work at CARE Mexico strike me as a are very professional team, as a very friendly team who go out of their way to answer all of your questions…



I’m very excited to be here in Puerto Vallarta to start the surrogacy process with CARE…

Gary (UK)

18The whole crew has been very welcoming, very supportive answering all of our questions… making us feel they are with us every step of the way…

Lance & Jorge (USA)

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