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Have you ever found yourself in a place where being understood, as well as understanding others — poses a challenge?

This doesn’t happen at the most successful surrogacy agency in Mexico. At CARE Surrogacy in Nuevo Vallarta Mexico, it is quite simple — as you step off the plane in Nuevo Vallarta into a calming scene of trust.

Trust and attention to detail are the major keys to why International clients decide to grow their family with our surrogacy program in Mexico.

How do we define the most prominent surrogacy program? CARE Surrogacy goes far beyond its refined atmosphere. Our programs are catered with consummate attention to every last detail, so you can celebrate life and live in the moment.

Come visit our CARE offices in Mexico and let us share the best of our experiences with you. Each CARE journey is managed on a case by case basis. The steps below are intended to give our clients a general outline of our CARE program. (Please visit our surrogacy programs page to understand each individual option in more detail.)


WE LOVE to create families - families made of love, respect and equality.



Initial Consultation
By scheduling a consultation, our team will help you determine the best path for creating your family. This free initial consultation (SKYPE, phone, or in person) lasts an average of two hours. You will need to complete a series of documents to give us a better sense of who you are and what your needs and desires are. Should you decide to pursue your dreams of parenthood with CARE, you will be required to sign an Agreement for Services. Once signed, your Case Manager will share gestational carrier (pre-screened including criminal background check and psychologically evaluation) profiles with you.

Our team takes the time to build a relationship with each gestational carrier. We assess her level of commitment and create a profile that will establish trust between each party involved. Once you have selected a profile for a gestational carrier that best represents what you are looking for, we will set up a SKYPE meeting to introduce you to her — allowing you to connect, share stories, and ask questions. If you define that you want to work a specific surrogate and both parties agree — the match is now complete. Intended parents are required to make Phase 1 payment.

The gestational carrier you have matched with will be medically evaluated at the IVF clinic you select during the beginning of the journey. The required medical screening involves several medical tests and procedures to help the IVF clinic determine that the gestational carrier is in good health and that it’s safe for her to proceed as a surrogate. Once the IVF doctor has given medical clearance, the intended parents will be required to make Phase 2 payment.

After you’ve received medical clearance, you’ll enter the legal part of the process. To ensure clarity and legal stability, we assist intended parents in finding legal counsel to represent them and draft all agreements. The gestational carrier is also represented by their own independent attorney. All parties will review and sign a contract. Counsel will also address the legal implications of a surrogacy agreement, including the legal responsibility of both parties. Intended parents are required to make Phase 3 payment.

The CARE team will assist you and the gestational carrier throughout the medical process. The IVF treatment and embryo transfer will be managed and completed at the IVF clinic. Every IVF doctor has their own protocol for success. The IVF procedure consists of Cycle Synchronization, In-Cycle Monitoring, Hormonal Therapy, Egg Retrieval, Fertilization, and the Embryo Transfer.

Pregnancy Success
After the pregnancy confirmation, the gestational carrier will continue to receive care from the IVF clinic until she is released to the selected OB/GYN. Your legal representative will assist you on exactly what documents will be filed to ensure that you establish parental rights. Intended parents who live outside the United States will have their attorney direct them on obtaining necessary legal documentation, the proper court documents, and passports. Intended parents are required to make Phase 4 payment.

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